Bands & Albums

As an aide memoire to those on the nomination panel, here are lists of the majority of eligible albums released during the Awards year and of some of the bands/artists eligible for the UKBlues Awards.

We have tried our best to include as many bands/artists/albums but do not pretend that these are fully comprehensive listings.

We hope they will assist the members of the nomination panel make their choices.

For all the conspiracy theorists and those who always see an imaginary hidden agenda, these listings are NOT in anyway a shortlist and, as we say above, there will be those who are not included on this list who are every bit as worthy of nomination.

What we have sought to do is simply remind nominators of the huge spread of bands and musicians there are, some or perhaps many of whom you may overlook or not even know. Who you nominate is your choice and yours alone!



Artist Title
Adam Sweet Sink or Swim
Bad Bob Bates Deadbeat
Barrelhouse Mainline Voodoo
Ben Hemming Broken Road
Benjamin Bassford Live at Barry’s Blues Barn
Catfish Exile – Live in Lockdown
Chad Strentz Acoustically Yours Vol 1
Chasin’ The Train Dead Man’s Handle
Cherry Lee Mewis Late Night Lock-in Live
Chris Bevington Organisation Sand & Stone
Chris Corcoran Band Coolerator
Chris Flegg Twenty’s Plenty
Clare Free Where Are you Now
Dana Immanuel & the Stolen Band Mama’s Codeine
Dave Ferra Starting Something
Dave Thomas One More Mile
David Broad The Wasted Years
E D Brayshaw Fire Without Water
Elles Bailey Ain’t Nothing But – Stripped Back & Bare To The Bone’
Errol Linton No Entry
Five Points Gang Live
Gary Fletcher River Keeps Flowing
Gary Moore Live From london
Half Deaf Clatch Every Path Leads Here
Half Deaf Clatch The Saturation Sessions
Harry Hornsey Revue
How Askew Brass Neck
Iago Banet Iago Banet
Jack J Hutchinson Back to the Blues
Jake Leg Jug Band Goodbye to Booze
Jamie Williams & The Roots Collective Do What You Love
Jed Potts & the Hillman Hunters Where’s Your Man
Jim Kirkpatrick Ballad of a Prodigal Son
Jimmy Regal & the Royals Late Night Chicken
Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls Voodoo Bones & Vaudeville Blues
Joe Edwards Keep On Running
John Cee Stannard When the Time Is Right
John Cee Stannard When The Time Is Right
John Doe Trio Railroaded
John P Taylor Band River Flow
John Verity Passion
Kat Pearson My Roots
Katie Bradley & Pete Farrugia Soho Heart
Kimberley Rew Simple Pleasures
King Biscuit Boys Organic & Natural
King King Maverick
Laura B Just A Little Love
Lee Ainley’s Blues Storm Evolution
Liam Ward & Malcolm Thorne You Are My Medecine
Lynne Jackaman One Shot
Ma Polaine’s Great Decline City of Love
Malaya Blue Still
Malone Sibbun Come Together
Marcus Lazarus How Low Can You Go?
Maya Rae Can You see Me?
Mick Clarke Big Wheel
Mickey Jupp Afterburn
Mike Ross The Clovis Limit Pt 2 Sept 20
Nick Steed Homebound Blues
Norman Beaker Running Down the Clock
On Parole Barefoot Blues
OSLU Another token
Paul Allan Blue Notes Blue Nights
Paul Gillings Invisible Prison
Phil Johari Slow Burn
Phil Johari Slow Burn
Raphael Callaghan Blue Lies
Redfish Souls
Richard Townend & The Moscow Bosscats Live In Moscow
Richard Townend and The Mighty Bosscats Ticket To Memphis
Robbie Reay Up and Down
Roger Hubbard Brighton Belle Blues
Rowland Jones Live!
Saints and Sinners Going Over Home
Savoy Brown Ain’t Done Yet
Sean Taylor Live in London
Stephen Dale Pettit 2020 Visions
Stevie Watts Organ trio feat Alice Armstrong Mission to the Moon
Storm Warning Different Horizons
Sunjay More Than A One Night Stand
The Andy Roberts Group 1
The James Oliver Band Twang
The Mighty Bosscats Ticket To Memphis
The Milk Men Deliverance
The Private Dicks Private Eye
The Soul Fixers Live In London
The Yardbirds Making Tracks
Trevor Babajack Steger The Solemn Truth and Barefaced Lies
Trevor Sewell Live in Portugal
Triple J Trio Better Days
Troy Redfern Deep Cuts
Troy Redfern Island
Troy Redfern Thunder Moon
When Rivers Meet We Fly Free
Wily Bo Walker & Danny Flam Ain’t No Man a Good Man
Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion Chameleon





Achievers (The) Good Foxy Mississippi MacDonald
Adam Sweet Guy Tortora Mojo Preachers
Ajay Srivastav Gwenifer Raymond Mudlow
Alex Haynes & The Fever Half Deaf Clatch Mumbo Jumbo
Alex Haynes & The Fever Head Hunters Blues Band (The) Mustangs (The)
Amit Dattani Henry’s Funeral Shoe Nick Steed Five
Andy Gunn Hiding Magpies(The) Nigel Bagge
Andy Roberts Group (The) Honeyfeet Nigel Barker
Andy Taylor Group Hooson Maguire Norman Beaker Band
Andy Twyman How Askew Northsyde
Annie Bea Ian Parker On Parole
Ash Wilson Ida Mae OSLU
Ashley Sherlock Jack J Hutchinson Papa George
Aynsley Lister Jake Leg Jug Band Paul Allan
Backbone Blues Band James Hunter Paul Gillings
Bad Bob Bates James Oliver Paul Lamb & the Kingsnakes
Bad Day Blues Band J-Bear & The Giants Paul Ronney Angel of The Urban Voodoo Machine
Barrelhouse JD & The Electro Tones Phil Doleman
Ben Hemming Jed Potts & the Hillman Hunters Primitive Noise Band (The)
Ben Poole Jim Crawford Ramon Goose
Benjamin Bassford Jim Kirkpatrick Raphael Callaghan
Big Joe Louis Jimmy Regal & the Royals Rebecca Downes
Big Wolf Band Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls Redfish
Blind Lemon Gators Joe Edwards Riotous Brothers (The)
Blue Touch Joel Fisk & The Breakdown Robbie Reay
Blueswater (The) John Angus Blues Band (The) Robert J Hunter Band
Bob Hokum John Cee Stannard Robin Bibi Band
Broken Levee John Crampton Roger Hubbard
Cadillac Kings (The) John O’Leary Rowland Jones
Calum Ingram John Verity Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Revue
Catfish Jon Amor Saiichi Sugiyama
Chad Strentz Jupiter Blues (The) Saints and Sinners
Charlotte Marshall Kat & Co Sam Kelly’s Station House
Chris Berry Kat Pearson Sayer & Joyce
Chris Bevington Organisation Katie Bradley Scott Wainwright
Chris Corcoran Katie Bradley & Pete Farrugia Scott Wainwright
Chris Flegg Kelvin Davies Sean Taylor
Chris James Kevin Brown Shakey Vick
Cinelli Brothers (The) King King Sister Cookie
Connie Lush Kris Barras Sister Gavin & the Gator
Connor Selby Kyla Brox Sister Suzie
Crossfire Blues Band Laurie McVay Son Of Dave
Dan Burnett LaVendore Rogue Southbound
Dana Gillespie Lee Ainley’s Blues Storm Spikedrivers (The)
Dana Immanuel & the Stolen Band Lee Sankey Split Whiskers
Dani Wilde Len Gyrotron Steve Bailey and Mississippi Macdonald
Danny Bryant Leonie Evans Stevie Watts Organ Trio featuring Alice Armstrong
Dave Arcari Liam Ward & Malcolm Thorne Stompin Dave
Dave Ferra Lol Goodman Band Storm Warning
Dave Kelly Lucy Zirins Stumble (The)
Dave Thomas Luke Doherty Band Sunjay
Day Breakers (The) Lynne Jackaman The Future Shape Of Sound
Deep Blue Sea Ma Polaine’s Great Decline The JuJubes
Della Grants (The) Maharajah Blues Theresa Watson Band
Dirty Robbers (The) Malaya Blue Toby Lee
Dom Martin Malone Sibun Tom JJ Band
E D Brayshaw Marcus Malone Tommy Allen
Eamon McCormack Mark Harrison Tone Tanner
Eddie Martin Martin Harley Trevor Babajack Steger
Elles Bailey Martin McNeill Troy Redfern
Emma Wilson Matt Walklate True Strays
Errol Linton Michael Messer When Rivers Meet
Ferris and Sylvester Michael Roach Will Johns
Five Points Gang Mighty Bosscats (The) Will Wilde
Fran McGillivray Band Mike Bowden & the A917 Wille & the Bandits
Gary Fletcher Mike Ross Wily Bo Walker
Ged Wilson Mike Sanchez Xander & the Peace Pirates
Geraint Watkins Miles Gilderdale and The Blueflies Zac Shulze
Gerry Jablonski & the Electric Band Milk Men (The) Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion
Giles Hedley Miraculous Mule
Giles Robson